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Computers-and-Technology Today there are several IT departments that are under the impression that business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) is the same thing. Hence, they tend to adopt a more technological focus on the subjects and this is exactly where the problem lies. According to Michael Croy, Director, Business Continuity, Forsythe Technology Inc. (a Chicago-based IT consultancy and infrastructure firm specializing in BC and risk management) ‘Many people are still confused by the terms business continuity disaster recovery. He further asserts ”It is critically important that the DR plan is based on a solid BC plan that has taken into account the reality of the business requirements for recovery. If the DR plan cannot meet the requirements of the business units, it is of no value. Therefore, going by his point of view business continuity plans touch upon every function of any business from the personnel to the IT facilities. Taking hierarchical point of view, business continuity is one of the top priorities for most business concerns after which comes disaster recovery. After this come the technologies, for instance enterprise backup, restoration and recovery. However, true disaster recovery spans way more broadly than the mere back up procedures by utilizing sample sites and replicated information to respond to a particular event. In the same way, business continuity goes beyond the disaster recovery by covering all the aspects of an organizations operations that can be influenced by a situation. Power supply maintenance, human resources, safety concerns and the like come under business continuity. Todays IT department with its disaster recovery plans is a crucial aspect of the business continuity vertical. Responding to Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Issues If you want to respond to all your IT disasters in a systematic and organized way it is advised that you opt in advanced business continuity disaster recovery solutions offered by eminent cloud computing services companies. The solution helps you to retrieve your lost data effortlessly thereby securing your business against all unwarranted losses. The solutions further safeguard your enterprise against natural and systematic disasters for instance an accidental deletion of any sensitive information by an employee or any system failure on a huge scale. Furthermore, any business continuity disaster recovery service assists in restoring the integrity a companys software, hardware, data and helps to resume the system operation quicker. Simultaneously, it reduces any kinds of brand erosion. Esteemed solution providers make sure that their business continuity disaster recovery solutions work in alignment with a companys business requirement and the platform in which it functions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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