you will then repeat this process and ‘cycle’ your way up to the top and when you exit receive a commission payment of $10 三岁女童卡防盗网 客车变身黑校车

TVI Express , are based in Heathrow, London, UK. Their life began in January 2009 and there have been some outstanding income claims made by representatives involved in this company which is why I was intrigued and took at look at it. Whilst scouring through their information I couldn’t help but think ‘What is the product being sold’ It’s never a good thing when this happens as you begin to think you have stumbled upon a pyramid scam of some description. TVI Express scam After some further research I was still none the wiser, I even spoke to some TVI reps and they didn’t seem to have any definite answers other than you are awarded a 6 night hotel voucher when you pay your $250 to join up There is no definite range of products offered by TVI, which makes me feel uncomfortable How does anyone make any money with TVI Express? By bringing in other people into this system is how you earn money. You first have to make your way through their rotating matrix arrangement. You will begin by ‘cycling’ through the travel board, once the matrix fills up you will be paid $500. After this you are then upgraded to what they call the ‘express board’, you will then repeat this process and ‘cycle’ your way up to the top and when you exit receive a commission payment of $10,000. To join TVI there is a onetime only payment of $250. In order to qualify for the bonus payment you need to sponsor just 2 people. Given that the entry fee is just $250 how can members earn such large amounts from just 2 new recruits? There is a hugh influx of people paying their $250 to get in to the matrix right now, all dreaming that they are going to become wealthy in just a couple of months and assuming that this keeps happening the matrix ‘cycling’ can continue. They then re-enter the matrix and can apparently keep doing it over and over again. These kind of schemes will always fizzle out eventually. Being no products as such (other than the ‘hope’ of wealth) then the minute folks stop joining and paying $250, so the matrix will cease to rotate and its game over. As a distributor of a traditional Network Marketing company, if saturation occurs then you would still make money because you are actually selling a product and people are buying it. So is TVI a rip off? Well when looking at an MLM company to join I always look at the products and if they provide REAL value to the end user. Also I think about if the product would sell on its own if there wasn’t the enticement of an MLM comp plan attached to it. TVI does not satisfy either of these requirements. Should you sign up? Well the compensation plan looks extremely impressive. It would be wise not to try and get anyone who values your opinion to join. You will probably blow your credibility. As a last word on TVI I must tell you that I have heard from various people that TVI does not pay out cash, but rather will give you ‘e-vouchers’ that you will then use to purchase holiday deals or whatever they have on offer at the time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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