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Home-and-Family Laguna Beach has always been one of the popular choices of homeowners and investors who are looking for upscale real properties in secured gated communities that boast of landscapes with sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views. It is definitely the best destination for those who are in search of high-end luxury homes with values that top real properties in other beach towns in Orange County. Laguna Beach real estate for sale is the premier pick long-term home buyers and remains to be one of the most sought after investment options in Southern California. Even with the down market, prices of premier real properties in Laguna Beach have remained stable. In fact, there are several prime locations where prices of homes have gone up. With its upscale homes and unparalleled ocean views, this piece of paradise in Orange County holds a lot of promise and earning opportunities for long term investors and home buyers. Emerald Bay Emerald Bay is regarded as one of the finest independent communities in Southern California. It lies on the northern part of Laguna Beach and its name was derived from the distinctive shade of its ocean cove. This plush gated community has metamorphosed into a private enclave of more than 500 family residences and features idyllic private parks, exclusive beach front and several sports facilities. High-end home designs and styles include Traditional, County French, Hawaiian Plantation, Mediterranean, Laguna Cottage, Tuscan Villa, English Manor and Contemporary. Emerald Bay is an upscale private community that provides topnotch mountain, ocean and sunset views. Home prices start at around $3 million up to more than $30 million if you are looking for a plush mansion along the beachfront. Montage Residences Montage Residences straddles an oceanfront enclave within the luxurious Montage Resort & Spa. This gated community in one of the premier locations in Laguna Beach that boasts of pristine beaches and plush residences with traditional Craftsman style serving as backdrop. Montage Residences is easily the favorite destination of home buyers and long-term investors who want to savor the verdant charm and natural allure of Laguna Beach. Prices of Laguna Beach contemporary homes for sale within this luxurious high-end resort are well over $30 million. Three Arch Bay Three Arch Bay is easily one of the premier choices of home buyers and long-term investors who are in search of a plush beachfront mansion in an exclusive gated community in Laguna Beach. Most of these luxurious residences boast of the most fascinating view of the Pacific Ocean. It offers all the essential facilities and amenities you would expect from an upscale and modern residential enclave. Three Arch Bay features several sports facilities, shopping centers and an elegant clubhouse. The range of choices includes Mediterranean villas and ultramodern residences, and prices of these luxurious beach homes easily breaches the $10 million mark. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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